Restaurant Wars: The Battle for Manchester - Netflix

Fri 28 June 2019

Documentary series following two of Britain's finest chefs as they both attempt to open a fine dining restaurant in Manchester.

Restaurant Wars: The Battle for Manchester - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-04-14

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Locations in the DC Universe, the shared universe setting of DC Comics.

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The Arrowcave, former base of operations of Green Arrow and Speedy. Avernus Cemetery, a burial ground located in Central City for enemies of the Flash known as the Rogues, it is in a hidden location. The Batcave, headquarters of Batman. Located directly beneath Wayne Manor. Belle Reve, a high security metahuman prison located in Louisiana. Headquarters of the Suicide Squad. Blackgate Prison. Located near Gotham City, a prison known to house mostly non-metahuman criminals for Gotham. Burnside is a borough of Gotham City that is connected to Gotham by the Burnside Bridge. Burnside Heights is the trendy neighborhood in Burnside where “New 52” Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) lives. The Casanova Club was a nightclub owned by Alex Logue in Newcastle, England. It was there that a demon was summoned and John Constantine failed to save a young girl who was taken to Hell. Crime Alley, the most dangerous area of Gotham, where Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed. The Daily Planet Building, home office of the Daily Planet, Metropolis' main newspaper. The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Located in Gotham City. Danny the Street, a sentient street and member of the Doom Patrol The Flash Museum, a memorial to the Flash (Barry Allen). Located in Central City. The Fortress of Solitude, an Arctic fortress used by Superman as a secret lair. Located near the North Pole. Hall of Doom, base of the Legion of Doom. The Hall of Justice, one-time home base of the Justice League. A version of this is the headquarters of the Justice League in the animated series Superfriends. Another version of this appears in the new series Young Justice, where the Hall appears as the headquarters of the Justice League to the public eye. The House of Mystery, extradimensional structure presided over by Cain. The House of Secrets, extradimensional structure presided over by Abel. A version is also headquarters of the Secret Six. Reichuss Mansion, a mobile haunted house that served as the House of Secrets in the 1990s Vertigo series of that name.

The Iceberg Lounge, nightclub and base of operations for the Penguin. Located in Gotham City. Iron Heights, a high security prison devised for many of the Flash's foes. Located near Keystone City. Justice Society Headquarters. Current version built on the foundation of the former brownstone headquarters and museum. The former headquarters located in Gotham City, the latter in Manhattan. Sometimes called Dodds Mansion. LexCorp Towers complex, former headquarters of Lex Luthor. Located in Metropolis. Lux, the bar/nightclub based in Los Angeles owned by Lucifer Morningstar and his mistress, Mazikeen. The Netherworld, a fictional area of the city of Chicago. The Oblivion Bar, an extradimensional bar used as a gathering place/hangout for magic users, as well as the headquarters for the Shadowpact. Peña Duro, also called “Hard Rock” in English, former prison of the villain Bane, located in Santa Prisca. Ravenscar Secure Facility was a mental asylum in Yorkshire that John Constantine was committed to after the Newcastle Incident. Project Cadmus, an experimental genetics lab. Located in Metropolis. The Young Justice animated series has it located in Washington D.C. Sanctum of Doctor Fate, located in Salem, Massachusetts. The Secret Sanctuary, original headquarters of the Justice League of America and briefly headquarters of the Doom Patrol. Located in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Sherwood Florist, originally in Seattle and now in Star City, the business operated by Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary. Slabside Island, a.k.a. the Slab, a high security metahuman prison. Originally located in New Jersey, later transported to Antarctica. Stryker's Island, a penitentiary located in Metropolis. Suicide Slum, a dangerous part of Metropolis. Titans Tower, headquarters of the Teen Titans, originally located in New York City. Currently located in San Francisco. The Underworld, a place in Metropolis's sewers which is rejected by society and where the Warworlders took control. Valhalla Cemetery, a burial ground located in Metropolis for superheroes who have died in the line of duty; it is meant to be a sacred resting place for superheroes. Wayne Manor, ancestral home of Bruce Wayne. Located outside Gotham City. Wayne Tower, the location of the main offices of Wayne Enterprises. It is located in downtown Gotham City.

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