Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - Netflix

Tue 18 June 2019

The story is about a little dog named Oliver Twist, whose mother lost him at the station when he was a puppy. Oliver wants to find new friends, adventures and his mother. But his path will not be easy, but fun and adventure will be a lot!

Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1996-02-01

Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - Oliver Twist (character) - Netflix

Oliver Twist is the title character and protagonist of the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. He was the first child protagonist in an English novel.

Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - Dickensian - Netflix

In the 2015 TV series, Dickensian, we meet Oliver in three instances of his circumstantial life. He's a minor character in the last two episodes, first appearing in episode 19, asking Mr. Bumble “Please, sir, may I have more,” during a meal staged for the overseers of the work house, a ploy of Mr. & Mrs. Bumble for promotion. Considered impolite and an embarrassment, he's put out onto the streets of London. In the last episode, we see him forlorn and destitute on the street, until he meets up with the Artful Dodger and taken in to Fagin's den of thieves. It is the last scene of the last episode.

Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - References - Netflix